Reignite the Arts

Reignite the Arts

Thank you for helping us to Reignite the Arts!

You have lit a spark and helped us Reignite the Arts! Thank you for supporting the Arvada Center. Now that our fundraising campaign has come to a close, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you have helped us accomplish since March. 

Watch: Thank you for helping us Reignite the Arts!

When we first closed our doors, we were worried about the future of the Arvada Center. How does an arts organization that is dependent on people gathering together in theatres, galleries and studios survive a pandemic?  Well, we turned to our loyal supporters like you, and you didn’t let us down. Thank you for helping us raise $776,248 in just six months. You and all our other “Sparks” helped us reignite the arts.

Your support has given the Arvada Center staff hope and have inspired us to continue creating. With the colder months approaching and COVID-19 cases on the rise, take time to enjoy the arts at home. Whether that’s painting by yourself or reading a holiday story with your family, the arts are a perfect way to alleviate stress and isolation.

WATCH: This summer, we've highlighted the stories behind the amazing employees of the Center! Follow the link above to see this series on our Youtube channel.

Thank You to our Sparks!

The Arvada Center would like to thank the following individuals who have played an incredible part in helping us through these difficult times. Each of them will help ensure that we can reignite the spark of the arts once again.

In addition to the wonderful friends below, the Center would also like to thank our corporate and foundation donors who have advanced their decision-making process or relaxed funding restrictions to allow grantees to weather this crisis and rise again. Thank you so much to everyone!

Patricia and Arthur Aaron
Karen Aase
Claudia Abbott
Christine J. Abell
Nadine Abrahams and Norman Epp
Mr. Allen Abshire
Neila Achter
Actor's Equity Foundation Inc.
Ms. Nancy S. Adam** and Hon. Russell Granger
Sandi Adolff
Carol Alberts
Alan and Deb Albrandt
Robert E. Alcorn and Desiree Parrott-Alcorn
Carolyn Alexander
John and Marnie Allen
Larry M. Allen
Lisa Allen
Renee Allen
Brian Allensworth
Ms. Sara Alt
Bernadette Amaya
Amazon Smile Foundation
Barbara Amberg
American Assn of Ret Persons (AARP)
Philip Ames
Larry Amman and Pat Nading-Amman
Carole A Anderson
Gary Anderson
Kathleen Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Anderson
Ruth Anderson
Steve and Jennifer Anderson
Sue Anderson
Meghan Anderson-Doyle
Becky Andrews
Ms. Nancy Andrews
Anonymous, in memory of Lee W. Rieger
Anonymous, in memory of Jim Carr
Dennis and Marnie Appelhans
Pattie Apple
David Aragoni
Dr. and Mrs. S. Michael Archer
Archery Games Denver
Anne Argent
Bonny Arndt
Dorsey F. Arnold
Mark and Karen Arnold
Arleen Arnsparger Cooper and John D. Cooper
Art Students League of Denver
John Arthur
Sue Artt
Arvada Arts & Culture Commission
Arvada Chamber of Commerce
Bonnie Ashton
Patti and Pres Askew
Angela Astle
Madeline Aswad
Richard Augspurger
Don and Pamela Baaso
Ms. Susan Bacon and Ms. Beverly Granrud
Carolyn and Ron Baer
Elizabeth A. Baiamonte
Kay K. Bailey
Shelley Baillie
Leigh A Baize
Janet Bal
Linda Baldwin
Balefire Goods Ltd
David and Correen Balicki
Ball Corporation
Ms. Carole Ballegeer
Antone and Kristine Baltz
Alysss Bamer
Ellen Bandsma
Constance and Michael Bank
Paul Banken
Marsha Barber
John Bardeen
Jennifer Bare
Jessica l. Barnett
Kari Barnett
Cecile Barnhouse
Frank and Cheryl Barone
Kerry Barrell
Claudia E. Barrett
Carol Barrons
John and Cathy Bartle
Jill Barwig, in memory of Bill Hoffman
Don and Patricia Barz
Gail S. Bashore, on behalf of Kate Bashore
Rachael Batka
Ms. Susie Battler
William Beachley
Allen and Mary Beall
Elizabeth Beard
John and Mary Beattie
Candice Beck
Angie Bedolla**
Barbara Bell
Ms. Ann Bengtson
Diana Ben-Kiki
Donald Bennett
Vickey Bennett
Bennett's BBQ
Mary Jo Bennetts-Small
Bentley's Pet Stuff
Tyler Benton
Nancy** and Ed Bentzen
Mark Berge
Robert Berger
Karen and Jack** Berryhill
Lucia Berte and Ellen Hesse
David Besel
Adrianna Betts
Loras and Nancy Bickford
Caroll Biddle
Emily Biederman
Carole Billingham
Hazel Birtle
Jill and Rick Bishop
LaVerne Bistline
Laura Bittner
Aurelia Black
Andrea Blackwelder
Kathy Bladow
Shannon Grace
Anne and John Blair
Joan Blanchard
The Blanche and Irving Laurie Foundation
Ms. Edith Blank
Stephanie Bleiker and Tom Ronning
Don and Mary Bleyle
Diana Bliss
Elizabeth and James Boaz
Blake Boeckner
Joel Bogen and Susan Borgos
Stephen Bolling and Bonnie Sanger
Pattie Bolte
Marilou Bonavida
Erik Bondurant
Timothy L. Booker
Don and Rose Boselli
Kelly W. Bossley
Julie Boswell
Eugene A. Bourque
Bowen Family Performing Arts Fund
Lorraine and John Bowen
Marilyn and Randy Boyce
Ellen Bracchi
Janice Bradbury
Donnell Bradford
Kerry Bragiel
Carla Branda
Cyndi Branson
Cheryl Brasher
Richard and Laurel Brasher
Sharon Brauch
Micheline Brault
Bread Winners Catering
Scott Breitlow
Don D. Brewer
The Bright Life
Lindsay Brightmire
Michelle Brockway, on behalf of Teresa YoKell
Virginia Brokaw
Emily Brooks
Hal and Carol Brooks
Mary and Robert Brooks
Nancy Brooks
Mrs. Linda Broom
Amy Brown
Debra Brown
Diane K Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Brown
Joan Brown
Kristen Brown
Reva Brown
Karyn Browne
Ms. Nancy L. Bruner
George and Rosie Bruno
Mary Jo Bruskiewicz
Melissa Bryan
Ms. Donna Brynteson
Anthony Bubb
Thomas Buchholz
Bruce and Diana Budy
Ms. Stella Bugay
Patrick and Jane Buhr
Mr. Joseph Bukofski and Ms. Anne Marie Wasko
Diana Bull
Rita Bumgarner
Kenneth Bunch
David Burgener
Barbara Burke
Timothy A. Burke
Anna D. Burkey
Karen Burklow
Amanda Burman
Carolee Burnell
Lynn and Don Burnes
Arthur and Dottie Burnham
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Burnham
Julie Burton
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burton
Susan Burton
Leah Busam
Jan Buswell
Dr. Francine Butler
Madonna Butwin
Diane Byers
Ms. Allison Bygott and Mr. Kyle Bygott
Leanne Cadman and Matthew Gauthier
Melissa Cain
Jim M. Calhoun
John Callis
Tara Calloway
Don Camp
Eileen Campbell
Linda Campbell
Suzanne Campbell
Adrienne Cancino
Tony and Barb Capra
Marina Caraco
Linda Carbone
Marie Cardenas
CareNow Urgent Care
Ms. Linda R. Carlson
Teresa Carlson
Wendy Lu Carlson
Carly's Boutique
Shirley Carnahan
Mary E. Carr
Jan Carrier
Marjorie Carroll
Susan Carter Ruskell
Dee Casalaina
Joseph Casanova
Lisa Case
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Cassady
Tom Casteel
Nichol Castillo and Linda Whitcomb
Julian Castro*
Jennifer Caulk Jackson
James Cavalier
Clare Cavanaugh
Mary A. Cavanaugh
Michael and Margaret Cawthra
Shelly Ceurvorst
Sonja J. Charles
Rochelle Chartier and Brook Reams
Jennifer D. Chavez
Janet Cheadle
Holly Cheong
Mary Jeanne Cherenzia
Glenn Chernok
Laura Cherry
Donna Chester
Steve Chestnut
Glenda Chipps
Andrew Chitiea and Peggy Long
Ashley Chory*
Susan Christoff
Ashley Chrzanowski
Ms. Theresa Churchley
James R. Cirillo
Teresa* and Matthew Cirrincione
City of Arvada
City of Arvada Parks
Deanna L. Clark
Isabelle Clark
Nancy and Dean Clark
Clear Fork Cider
Brenna Clendaniel*
Dian Cleveland
Sherry Clint
Tori Cloud
Vera Coberley
Lauren E. Cochenour
Gale Cochran
Doris Coe
William and Jane Coffin
Paula and Clay Coffman
Rosemary Coffman
Mr. Steven Cogswell*
Daniel R. and Ilene W. Cohen
Yasmin E. Cohen
Theresa Colao
Bud Coleman
Timothy Coletta
Johanna Collester
Leigh-Ann M. Collett
Allison Collins
Jeanne W. Collins
Lynne Collins*
Michael Collins
Sara Collyer
Jennifer L. Combs and Tom Vesey
Jeannie Comcowich
Community First Foundation
Thomas Concialdi
Sara J. Connis
Kathy and Tom Connolly
Eileen Conroy
Nelson Conway
Madelyn Cook
Ms. Helen Cooke
Bud Cookson and Julie Williams
Jennifer and Benjamin Cooper
Copper Cane
Vivian Cornwell
Karlynn Cory
Phyllis and Clyde Cotten
Christine Cottrell
Lynne P. Coville
Anita Cox
Jennifer Cox
Connie Coyle
Olivia Coyne
Gabriel Creek
Renee Crews
Peggy Crimmins
Ms. Kathryn Crisler
Marcia Croft
Dan and Peggy Cronin
Ann Crosby
Mr. Arnold R. Cross
Thomas and Barbara Cruz
Mary Cullen and Joseph Lamers
Laurie Cullum
Carolyn C. Curran
JoAnn Cuthbertson
Mrs. and Mr. Margaret DaHarb
Hille Dais
Jack Dais
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Dalby
Stephanie Dallmann
Ms. Cynthia G. Daniels
Richard and Cynthia Daniels
Kelly Darby
Mr. and Mrs. John Daugherty
Ms. San Daugherty
Dennis and Sherrie Dauper
Esther Davenport
Chantal Davidchuk
Aaron M Davidson
Karen and Ben Davidson
Kay Davidson
Carmen Davis
Carrie Z. Davis
Julie Davis
Marilyn Davis and Patti Stickler
Ronald and Dorothy Davis
Ms. Judy Davisson
Christopher De May
Jan De May
Susan De Meules
Nick and Louise Dean
Diana DeAndrea
Bennett Dear and James Strahan
John R. Decker
John Dee and Joanne Spitz
Michele Defeo
Sara* and Jason DeHerrera
Tiffany Deines
Denise Delgado** and Andy Lubansky
Judy and Steve Delve
Mr. and Mrs. Mike DeNileon
The Denver Foundation
Erika and Michael Deru
Ronald and Jan DesMarteau
Ketty G. Devieux
Donna Devine
Steve and Donna DeVisser
Linda Dewey
Shirley Dickey
Sue Difiore
Mr. David DiGiorgio
Valeria C. Dillard
Carole Dilworth
Mary Ann Dimand
Mrs. Mary DiPaolo
Patricia Dippo
Loralee Dischner
Sara Divine
Stephanie Doling
Ron and Jill Dollar
Jerry and Barbara Donahue
Rachel Doniger
Theresa Donnelly
Kathleen C. Doyle
Dream Dinners
Nancy Duff
Caroline Duffield
Ms. Teresa Duffin
Donna Duffy and Buddy Baker
Lori Dunbar
Ms. Sue Dunn
Susan Dunn
James and Mary Duran
Judy Duran
Nelly Durango
Jackie Durant
Amie and Benji Durden
Edward Dusinberre
Bob Dyer** and Ereka O'Hara
Barbara Dygert
Karen Eagleton
Elizabeth Eberle, in memory of Jane Brunot
Ms. Lois Eckhoff
Ken and Anne Economou
Jane C. Eddy
Shari Edelstein
Sarah Edgell
Dr. Becky Smith-Eggeman and Dr. Kenneth Eggeman
Lisa Eggleston and Charles Woodard
Ann Marie Eilander
Rudolf and Colleen Eisemann
Rebecca and Dennis Ekren
Tom Ela
Karen Eldredge and Alan Dump
Elevated Sel
Eli Ashby Healing Arts Center of Arvada
Jim and Beth Elland
Karen Elliott
Amy Ellis
Mr. Mike Elms and Ms. Margaret Emerich
Laura Embleton
Ann Engle
Payce English and Quinn O'Leary
Elaine Ennis
Enstrom Candies Stephany's Chocolates
Enterprise Holdings Foundation
Vivian Epstein
Tim Erdman
Cornelia Erickson
Danielle Erickson
Linda Erickson; on behalf of Julie Payne
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ernst
Mrs. Pam Erthal
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Espy
Essentials of Lakewood
Amber Estes
Rebecca Eustance
Carla Evans
Frances M. Evans
Gage Evans and Bill Bailey
Robert C. Ewing
Tamara Ewing
Facebook Donors
Jerry and Dee-Ann Failing
David and Nancy Fairchild
Kate Faricy
Sandra Farkas
Chris and Sarah Farley
Beatrice H. Farnan
Peggy Fay
Bobbie Federgreen
Dorothy Fehringer
Ms. Siv Feierabend
Janet Feil
David and Susan Feineman
Mrs. Brittany Feiten-Balke
Ken** and Jill Fellman
Rick Fendel
Byron Ferguson
Mr. Jim Fernald
Claudette Ferris
Linda Fetterman
Richard and Leslie Feuerborn
Bob and Rachelle Fifer
Sally Fill
Allison Finkenbinder
Donna Fischer
Eugene and Christine Fischer
Hannah Fisher
Arlene Flannery
Heather Flannery
Betty A. Flaten
Patricia Flood
Christopher Floyd
Mary K Floyd
Donna Flygare
Mrs. Pamela P. Fochtman
Joel and Janis Folk
Mrs. Connie Ford
Nancy** and Jim Ford
Sharon and Douglas Ford
Kerry and Ken Fordyce
Lewis and Mary Forester
Jennifer Forker
Beth Foster
Rita Foster
Cathy Fox
Michael Foye
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Foye
Corrie and Greg** Francis
Pat Frankenbery
Wendy Franz
Sandy and John Fraser
Susan L. Frawley
Patricia Freckmann
Lydia Frederick
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Freeburn
Kurt Freeman
Cecelia Freiboth
Laura French
Susan Frey
Robert G. and Candace J. Frie
Karen Friedmann
Bill Fritz
Cheryl Fritz
Ms. JoAnn Fritz
Kathy Frizell
Rosemarie Fryhover
Sara Fuentes
Mr. and Mrs. Jef Fugita
Jennifer Fuicelli
Mr. and Mrs. John Fuller
Lindsay Fuller
Mary E. Fuller
Dr. and Mrs. N. Kenneth Furlong
Erin Furtak
Connie Gabriel
Gary Gagnon and Colleen M Sawyer
Amber* and Matthew Gale
Margaret Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gallagher
Charlene Galway
Lori Gamble and Jamie Kelly
Tania Garcia
Rondall Garland
Paige and Walt Garnett
Karen Garrett
Mary E. Garrigus
Johanna Garton
Nancy** and Sam Gary
Ashlie Gates
Carol and Jack Gathright
Louise Gaunt
Patricia Gaydos
Bradley Geghan
Louise Geil
Michelle Gelman
Sheryl S. George
Leo and Mindy Gerard
Vincent and Karen Gerber
Mike and Dorothy Gerlick
Andrea German
Pat Gewecke
John and Erin Giardino
Elaine Gibbons
Aaron Gibbs
Harold and Patricia Gibson
Dave and Mary Jo Giddings
Jeanne and Roger Giellis
Jim and Lee Gieseman
Ralph Gifford
Dianne Gilboa
Kathy Giles
Robert and Lois Gill Family Charitable Fund
R. A. and Maxyne Gillice
Lorie B. Gillis
Diane Gilsenan
Phyllis J Giron
Gary and Donna Gisle
Mrs. Elizabeth Glann
Larry and Jan Glassburn
Sue and Jerry Gleason
Kate Gleason
William H. Gleason
Greg and Renee Glissmann
June Glover
Nancy and Patrick Godsil
Daniela Golden
Jennifer Golden
Joe Golden
Marylou Golding
Susan Goldstein
Pam Goodman
Veronica Goodrich
Rebecca Gorton
Amy Goswick
Dr. Ray Gottesfeld and Ms. Sherri Alpert
John Gottschalk
Beverly J. Gourley and Fred Bowers
Nancy Gradel
Josh Graham, on behalf of Mark Graham
Mark and Linda Graham
Susan Graham
S.M. Grammer
Bonnie Grams
Sandra and Donald Granner
Tim A. Grant
Great Harvest Bread Company
Kirsten Greco
Edwin L. Green
Maxine Green
Susan B. Greenhalgh
Mrs. Judy Grenfell
Cathy Griffith
Chuck and Pat Griffith
Patrick K. Griggs
Sabrina Grimm
Dr. Judith A. Griswold
Andy and Amy Grolnick
Joseph and Jerith Gronski
Kate Groves and Joyce Miller
Dolph and Claudia Grundman
Barbara Gump
Margaret and John Gunzner
Steve Gustafson
Jean Guthery
James and Margaret Gutmann
Marilyn Guy
Julianne Guyer
Sallie Gwinn
Arana Hagan
Ron and Dianne Hagerman
Grace Hahn
Kristin Hahn
Stephan Haisley
Chad Haitz
Debra K Hakar
Erin Hale
Linda Haley
Anne Hall
Kristen Hallberg
Mel Haller and Debra Plotkin
Bonnie and Brian S. Hallisey
Janelle Hallman
Jeanette Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Hamilton
Alicia Hanes
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hankerd
Betty and Carl Hansen
Lori and Ronald Hansen
Paula Hansen
Linda Hanson
Teresa Harlow
Melinda M. Harper
Debbie Harrington
Donna Harris
Kristin and Chris Harris
Suzanne Harrod
Rhonda Harshbarger
Kate Hart
Mary J. Harter
Mr. and Mrs. Hartgens
Laura Hartley
Robin Hartman
William and Pam Hartman
Elizabeth Haselwood
Kurt and Mary Haserodt
Darcy Hassler
Howard Hatayama
Jeff Hatcliff
Ellen Haug
Deborah Hawkins
Susan Hawkins
Jeffrey and Mary Ann Hay
Jeannie Haycraft
Ms. Joan Haywood
Joe and Patti Heath
Pamela W. Heath
Marisa Hebert
Alexandra Hegedus
Sue Heinritz
Lisa Helton
Bill and Kay Hemingway
Tanya E. Henderson
Amy Hendrickson
The Henkel Clan
Gillian Henley
Robert and Karen Henn
Jessica Hennesy
Jack Henninger
Peter Henriksen
William Hensley and Rebecca Owren
Janet and Patrick Hepp
Mollie Herambourg
Ms. Cassandra Herbert
Elaine Hermann
Karen Hermanson
Sylvia Hernandez
Todd Herreid and Leanne Wilson
Donna Herrick and Paula Boswell
John and Janice Herron
Jeri Herskovits
Mary Heuwinkel
Hilary F. Hickman
Jeanette Hicks and James D. Fitzgerald
David Hill and Marjorie Kleerup
Deborah K. Hill
Rebecca Hill
David and Jeanette Hillery
Patricia Hills, on behalf of Jake Mendes
Irene Hillson
Hilton Garden Inn Arvada Denver
Adam Hilton
Alan Hines** and Deanna Chiddix
Vicki L. Hinkel
Mrs. Christine Hixson
Sally Hobler
Marilyn Hodapp
Jean Hoefling; in memory of Jesse Hoefling
Brian and Amanda Hoffman
Juanita Hoffman
Cheryl Hogan
Koren Holden and Randall Toney
Christian and Allyson Holgard
F. James Holitza and Carol Newman-Holitza
William Hollander
Larry Holloway
Jeanette and Ron Hollrah
Jennifer Holmes
Joe and Gloria Holtz
Tom** and Sandra Hoog
Helen Hooper
Michele M. Hoovler
Michael and Colleen Hope
The Hospitality Volunteer's Birthday Club
Dr. Janet L. Houser
Jeffrey Hovorka
Debbie Howard
Marilyn Howard
Robert Howe
Sara Howsam
Ginny Hoyle
Janey Hubschman
Karen Huck
Patti Hueni
Karen Huff
Kathryne Hughes
Judy Hughston
Larry Huls
Hunter Bay Coffee Roasters
Flora Hunter Schneider
Janet C. Hunter
Julie Hunter
Jesse Hutchens
Becca H
Carol Ibanez
Dorothea Igel
John and Jackie Immele
Barbara J. Inama
Bill Inama
Vanessa Ingalls
Gwen F. Ippen
Benjamin and Nicole Irwin
Jon and Roxanne Isenhart
Dyanna Ivy
Stephen Jackson, on behalf of Gus
Jerry and Carolyn Jaggers
Steven Taylor Jarnagin
Frances Jarrett
Kavita Jeerage and Paul Bedrosian
Scott Jefferson
Kathleen Jenner
Marion Jennings
Robyn E. Jennings
Christine Jensen
Ellie Jensen and Jeff Stine
Ann Johnson
Carolyn C. Johnson
Kira and Clark* Johnson
DeAnna Johnson
Wayne and Diane Johnson
Doug Johnson
Ms. Linda Johnson
Mark Johnson
Odell and Paulette Johnson
Roger Johnson
Gayle Johnston
Christopher and Pamela Johnstone
Ralph W. Jollensten
Fred and Patricia Jolley
Kendrick Jolly
Angela Jones
Cinda Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Jones
Kaylan Jones
Lisa Jones
Marilyn Jones
Marjorie Jones
Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones
Mr. Robert Jones
Kelly Jordahl
Lois Jouett
Jay N. Joy
William and Mary Judy
Heidi and David Juran
Diana Kahn
Debra Kalish
Carol Kalmes
Carl and Marybeth Kantner
Jonathan D. Kaplan
Amy Kapoor
Marilyn and Mark Katopodes
Mary Kaupas
Ms. Fran Kaveny
Andrea Kawulok
Holly L. Kaye
Theresa and Bob Keatinge
Jim and Laure Keavney
Mike and Susan Keene
Sam Keller
Beth Kelley
Ms. Diana Kellner
Lisa and Philip Kellogg
Mary Kelly
Amanda and Andrew Kelsey
Ms. Angela Kelsey
Judy and Albert Kennedy
Donna Kent
Jacob Kenworthy*
Jim and Bonnie Kerns
Ms. Phyllis E. Kerns
Sharon and David Kerschen
Dan Kester
Kenneth and Kathy Kester
Ms. Paula Keyser
Lida Khailova
Joan Kidnay
Linda Y. Kidsley
Melinda Kiefer
Terri Kilgroe
Carol King
Diana King
Ellen King
Emily Grace King*
Pam King
Tom and Patti King
Diana W. & F. Michael Kinsey
Rev. and Mrs. Linden Kirby
Kenneth and Patricia Kirk
Jason Kirkfield
Susan Kirschenbaum
Mrs. Sharon Kirts
Jennifer Klein on behalf of Darrow Klein
Ellen Klement
Kate Klotz
Knead The Bakery
Susan Knecht
Ingrid Knight
Judith Knight
Kraig Knoeferl
Gail Knowles
Robyn Knox
Carol A. Knox-Johnson
Beatrice Kochman
Craig** and Lois Kocian
Mark C. Koenig
Alan Kolaczkowski
Sarah Kolb*
Sharon Konecne
Eileen Koob
Jeanine M. Koontz
Sophia Koop*
Peter Korslund
Emily Kosel
Mrs. Jean Kotecki and Mr. Dennis Ohlrogge
Kay Kotzelnick
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin O. Kramer Jr
Richard and Judy Kramer
Anna Krappes
Alexandra Krikos
Peter Kuempel
Kara Kull
Rosemarie Wipfelder Kumpe and David A. Kumpe
Eric Kurtz
Ingrid Kutsch
Mary and Severt Kvamme
Ary L. Kyle
La Patisserie Francaise
Patricia LaBaw
Pamela Lacy
Lynn Laidig
Nicole Laird
Cheryl Lamiell and James Bowles
Linda Land-Closson
Janet Landis
Lisa and Chris Landis
Liz Landrum
Scott Landrum
Debbie Lane and Steve Szabo
Marcia Lane
Gillian Lange-Kemper
Matthew Lanning
Rod Lansberry*
Carrie Larsen, on behalf of Mark Graham
Beth Larson
Lisa Larson
Marilyn Larson
Mrs. Tanya Larson
Michael and Marilyn LaSalle
Kyle Latham
Pat Latta and Kris Van Bladeren
Cindy Laudadio-Hill
Ronald and Marcia Lavochkin
Lisa Leafgreen* and Teresa Baker
Christine M. Leavitt
Gertie Lee
Wanda Lee
Carla LeFors
Janet Lehman
Reinhard and Sandy Leinz
Kathy Leonard
Ms. Nancy Leonard
Dirk and Valorie LeRette
Jessica Levhofer
Margaret Levy
Alice Lewis
Clare Lewis
Carroll Liane
Kristin Libberton
Adelaide Lichte
Nathan F. Lichte
Ruby Lichte
Kathryn and Roger Liehr
Janis Lievens
Jim Light
Hannah Lim
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lindeman
Julie A. Lindsay
Martha Lindsley
Toni Linenberger
JoLynn and Ronald Lingle
Tricia Linley
Barry and Janell Lipp
Chris Lisberg
Jodi Litchfield
Elizabeth Litkowski
Kathleen D. Little
Kathy Little
Melissa Little
Marilyn Littleton
Stanley and Judy Littrell
Mike and Mary Ellen Litzau
Vina L. Lloyd
Evelyn Lobato
John and Linda Lodenkamper
Lynnette Logan
Robert and Martha Logsdon
Kim* and Justin Loiselle
Judy A. Long
Lance Long
Michelle Long-Sabados
Susan S. Loomis
Laurie Lopez
Richard and Snow Lopez
Sharon Lopez
Lisbeth Lord
Lot One
Dennis and Gail Lovaas
Lale Lovell
Theresa P. Lubben
Gene Lucero** and Valarie Mares
Myron and Moira Luebbert
Julia Luerman
Susan Lustig
Tiffany Lutz* and Kevin Nelson
Phil Lynch
Sarina Ma
Ms. Barb MacDonald
Erin C. Mackay
Sara M. Mackie
Regina Macy
Karen Maddock
Madre Coffee Collective
Robert Magnuson
Megan Maguire
Virginia Maguire
Mr. and Mrs. George Maize
Nora Make
Gerald and Carole Makela
Lynn and Robert Male
Charles Mallon
Ed and Alice Mally
Pat Malone
Patti Mandel
Robert and Peggy Mangold
Manos Soap Co
Nolan Manzano
Sharon Maples
Jennifer D. Marcols
Robin Marino
William and Jean Markel
Michael and Michele Markham
Shannon Marsh
Joann Marshall
Mr. Lanney Marshall and Mrs. Maggie Marshall
Bill and Roberta Martin
Sarah Pierce Martin
Ms. Sharon Martin
Theresa Martin
Maruca Design
Melody and Jim Mascarenaz
TaLisa and Charles Mason
Mike and Sharon Massarotti
Ms. Linda Massey
Michael Massey
Ester and Bob Matheson
David and Diane Matlock
Charles and Sara Mattie
Jane Mattingly
Tamara Mawhir
Ms. Catherine Maxwell
Amy May
Kristen D. May
Margie Mayes
Melanie Mayner*, in memory of Joe Tatarka
Ruth T. Mazzarelli
Beth l. McBride
Dave Mccabe
Karen R. McCabe
Mary Kay McCabe
Marilyn McCallan
Morgan McCauley
Tara McConnell
Chuck and Vicki McCoy
Carol and Derek McCracken
Dean McCready
Ms. Judy McEvitt and Mr. John McEvitt
Ian McEwen
Heather McFadden
Kelly McGinnis
Amy McGregor
Mary McGroary
Amy McHugh
Sandra K. McInerney
Mary McKenzie
Mrs. Linda McLellan
Joann McMahan
Donna M. Mcmahon
Mr. and Mrs. Dan McMann
Rowena E McNally
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond McNeill
Kathleen McQuaid
Megan McQuinn
Miza McReynolds
Mary McRoberts
Sarah McRorie
MDU Resources Foundation
The Mead Family
Kate Meadows
Lynda Medlyn
Medtronic Inc.
Anand Mehta
Chris Meier, on behalf of Elise Meier
JoAnne Meinert
Lindsey Melville
Mary Menard
Alex Mendes
Dr. Louis A. Mendes PHD
Christopher H. Merrell
Barbara and Thomas Merrigan
Claire M. Merrill
Brittnee Merritt
Mary Metcalf
Andrea Metzger
Gordon and Shirley Meurer
Carol Meyer, in memory of Bruce Meyer
Diane Meyer in memory of Alice Meyer
Jean and Ron Meyer
Joyce Meyers
Kate Meyers, on behalf of Kate Finds Art
Mary Meyer-Scully
Ruth Michael
Kent and Annette Micho
Joan and Ronald Mickle
Alison Milan
Milestone Brands
Ann and Eldon Miller
Bobbi Miller
Carol Miller
Jean Miller
Jeffrey Miller
Joyce Miller
Patty Miller
Katherine Millett
Mike and Nancy Milligan
Nancy Million
Ashley Millman
Christine Milo
Michael Mladjan and Kim Andrews
Lynnsey Molinaro-Gwaltney and Jeff Gwaltney
Charlotte Monahan
Mrs. Louisa M. Monahan
Christina S. Monsolino
Barbara Montgomery
Julia Moody
Mr. Clyde Moore and Mrs. Lani Vigil
Jonathan Moore
Pam and Paul Moore
Gabriel Morales*
Kathleen Moreira
Susan Perkins, in honor of Zach Andrews
Stephen and Mary Pero
Jordan Peters
Richard and Nancy Peters
Marjorie Petersen
Elizabeth Peterson
Jill Peterson
Linda and Don Peterson
Michelle Peterson*
Robert Petrich
Patsy Pfaff
Susan Pharo
Peggy Phelan
Matthew Pietropaoli, in memory of Eric Stolte
Dan and Cathy Pirner
Liz M. Pistentis
The Piton Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Plamondon
Ann Platt
Richard and Ginger Playford
Nataliya V. Pleshkova
Caroline Poh
Anthony Pomerantz
William and Joyce Poska
Linda and Andy Pott
Alice and Bruce Potter
Haley Pouchot
Milly Powell
Nancy Powell
Rodney and Mryna Prentice
Mr. Robert Preusser
Jill Prew
Lisa Priebe
Judi Pring
Stacy Priola
Mr. and Mrs. James Proffitt
Paige Progar
The Puddy Educational Foundation
Geraldine Purto
Megan Quillliam
Carolen K. Quinn
Judy Quinn
Elaine and Leon Quintana
William Quintanilla
Elizabeth Raabe
Philip and Cindy Ralph
Ron Ramey
Benny R. Ramirez
Marcella Y. Ramirez
Mr. and Mrs. James Ramsey
Katherine Randall
Harland Ranney
Nancy Rao
Lila Ravve
Geraldine Raymond
Stephanie Raymond
Barbara Reece
Carl Reed
Jill A. Reed
Melinda Reed
Linda Reekie
Ron and Kay Rees
Jacqueline Reid
Jan Reigel
Linda G. Reilly
Lucas Reilly
Barbara and Robert Reilly
Ms. Karen Rensink
Christyne Repp
Residence Inn Denver North/Westminster
Betsy Ressler and Michael Empey
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Reuter
Roger Reutimann
Paula Reynolds
Stephen J. Rhodes
Kevin Rich
Nancy and Gene Richards
Shirley Richey
Janet Rick
Janie Rife
Stephanie Ritz
Cassandra Rivera
Chris and Joseph Roarty
Janice and Bruce Roberts
Sarah E. Roberts
Sharon A. Roberts
William and Irene Roberts
Krista Robinson
Nathan E. Robledo*
Linda Rockwell
Mary Rockwell
Kristine K Rodrigues
Jane and Phillip Romig
Janet Rope
Abygail Rosales* and Ashley Amaya
Brian Rose
Bridget Rosenberg
Elena Rosenfeld
Jennifer Rosenow
Ann F. Ross
Jennifer Ross
Mary Ross
Judie Rossell
Laura Rothenberger
Edward Rothschild
Suzanne Rougier
Dana, Riley and Josh Rouland
Kimberly R. Rouland*
Shane Rourke
Jozilla M. Routh
Donald and Kathy Rowe
Claude and Nancy Rowley
Christopher Rowzee
Norman Rudolph
Judy Ruehle
Ms. Aurora Ruiz-Hernandez
Laurel L. Rullman
Carol Rust
Mark and Lisa Ruth
Karen M. Ruthberg
Kathy Ryan
Mike and Leeann Ryder
Karyn and Gregory Sader
Barbara Sadler
Sally Sakin
Art Saltarelli
Meyer and Geri Saltzman
Carey Sanchez
Christine Sanchez
Joan Sanders
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Sanders
Anne Sandoe
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Sandoe
Donna R. Sanford
Stuart Sanks
Stuart Sanks
Michele and Paul Santi
Rick and Leanne Sanzolone
Judith Sapegin
Trudy Sarver
Carol and John Sass
Sue Satter
Tom Satter and Gaylen Howard
Michael Satz
Becky Sauer
Mattie Savoie
Rosslyn Scamehorn
Stacey Scarborough
Sara Schaeffner
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Schafer
Max Schardein
Sandra Scharf
Jim and Jean Scharfenberg
Emery and Carol Schattinger
Elaine Scheffler
Virginia Schenck
Sandra K. Scherer
Charles and Ann Schick
The Schiffbauer Family
Schlessman Family Foundation
Judy Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schnabel
Pamela Schnell
Kathryn Schnoor
Mr. Richard Schoenebeck
Marie and Richard Schreiber
Ann Schroeder
Zack Schubert
Mr. and Mrs. Michel Schuh
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schultz
Alex Schulze
Barbara Schuttenberg
Virginia and Richard Schweissing
Marilyn Schwinger
Scientific & Cultural Collaborative
JoLynn Scott
Jon and Linda Scott
Tiffany Scott
Jay Seifert
Ms. Jean Selders
Rolayne Sellers
Matt and Carrie Senderhauf
Patrica Setzke
Donny and Christy Seyfer
Julie Sharpless
Linda Shaw
Ingrid Shea
Jennifer Shepard
Terri and Rob Sherwood
Karen Shoemaker
Robert and Lucy Showalter
Eva Shreeve
Susan B. Silva
Silver Vines Winery
Steve Simms
Carmen Simon
Leslie Simon*
Ms. Carol Simpson
Jeanne Sims
Sipping N' Painting Highland
Toni Slater
David and Sarah Sleeman
Beverly Sloan
Maria Smaldone
Mary Smid
Karen Smiddy
Alice and Ken Smith
Dana and Yvonne Smith
Dorothy Smith
Law Office of Kimber Z. Smith, P.C.
Sandra M. Smith
Sherry Smith
Susan Smith
Brandon Smith-Daigle
Ms. Luci Smits
Philip C. Sneed* and Clare M. Henkel
Christine A. Snyder
Shari Snyder
Mina H. Soltz
Edena H. Somers
Elaine and Greg Spanski
Steven Spearman
Bob and Joyce Spencer
Lydia Jane Spencer
Rosalie Spicola
Michael Spiller
Margaret Spindler
Spirits Wine Provisions
Carol E. Spring
Ann Spurrier
Sierra Squire
Petra St George
Nancy St Pierre
Jennifer Stamile-Bierbauer
Carolyn Stana
Barbara Stannard
Carol A. Stanton
Martin and Jennifer Stanton
Molly Stanton
Correy Stapleton
Michele Stark
Amie Staudenmaier
Keith and Cindy Stechmesser
Phil and Rhonda Steckley
Teri Steckly
Helen Steele
Kimberly Steele
Shannan Steele
Nora Steenson
Jodie Steeves
Ernie Stefely
Angela Steiner
Anna Steinmetz
Barbara Stephens
Mrs. Jackie Stephens
Madeline Stephens
Joey Casanova
Steven Beutler Design
Ms. Amber Steven
Ms. Judy L. Stevens
Barbara Stevenson
James R. Steverson
Terry and Linda Stevinson
Kenneth and Priscilla Stiefler
Steven Stingley
Ann and Tom Stoffel
Adam, Darci, and Jackson Stolte
Bonnie Strafface
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Strand
Harriet S. Stratton
Mr. Jim Stretz and Mrs. Julie Stretz
Margene Stroup, Anne Halsted, Barbara Green Martin
Kimberly and Scott Struck
David and Elizabeth Stumm
Sheryl Suhr
Gianna Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. James Sullivan
Megan Sullivan
Sarah Sullivan
Suzanne Sullivan
Tammey Sullivan
Jean Beall
Barry Sundland
Jill E. Surber-Blackwell
Karen Surbrugg
Donna Svoboda
Shirlee Svoboda
Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Swanson
Jan Swanson
Peggy Swanson-Culbertson
Barbara Swearingen
Mary Sweeney
Darrell and Leslie Sweet
Mr. and Mrs. David Swieckowski
Luann Swim
Fran Swisher
Breck and Marcia Swords
Lisa Tafolla
Camille Tallick
Robin and Donald Tallman
Tony Tang
Target Stores Arvada
Marilyn Tarrall
Bernardine J. Taylor
Carol T. Taylor
Cassie L. Taylor
Karen Taylor
Kate Taylor
Kate Taylor
Kathy and Cal Taylor
Sharon Taylor
Monica R. Teinert
Alisa Templeton and John Pushnik
Jane Templeton
Elizabeth Tennant
Margaret Tennant
Reut Tenne
Andy* and Chelsea Terek
Adrienne Terenzoni
Dixie J. Termin
Tracy Thompson Walsh
Megan Thompson
Shelley Thompson
Jill Thornburg
Barbara Thorngren
Lois Thornton
Dolores Thorpe
Heather and Greg Thorwald
Kristin Threlkeld-Bryant
Thrivent Financial
Mr. and Mrs. William Tidyman
Paulette Tierney
Rebekha Tilbury
Tom and Rochelle Tisdale
Elise Tom
Georgenne Tomlinson
Susan Tomlinson*
Joe Torline and Tania Bahr-Torline, on behalf of Travis Torline
Travis J. Torline
Kim and Yen Touysinhthiphonexay
Kathryn G. Town and Bennie Stham
Shirley Tracy
Jessie Tramutolo
Jacey Tramutt
Tina and Tom Treants
Cheryl Trefz
Cyndi Trombly
Amanda Trosten-Bloom
Lee and Brenda Truskin
Lucy Tuck
Marcus Turner*
Stephanie**and Bill Tuthill
Patricia Tyler
John Ulmer
Carol and James Ulrich
Carin Usrey
Mr. and Mrs. Benny Vagher
Susan C. Vaho
Amanda Valdez
Jennifer Valdez
Margaret and Joseph Van Andel
Amy Van Arsdale
Judy Van Auken
Kaylee Van De Voorde
Heather Van Dusen
Emily Van Fleet
Nanci Van Fleet
Meredith Van Horn
Everett and Karen Van Westenberg
Frank Vandehey
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence VanSpriell
Rachelle Varela
Wayne and Pat Vargo
Robert Varra
Sharon Vary
Janice Vaughn
Alma and Armando Vazquez
Robert and Cathy Veges
Melissa Veronesi
Mr. and Mrs. Clarke Vestal
Lisa and Robert Vicek
Patricia Vick
Naomi Vidales
Bill Vielehr
Katherine Vigil
Mr. and Mrs. Al Villani
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Villani
Clair Villano
Ms. Sonya Villano
Anne Vincent
Stephanie Vinton
Stephanie Vinton
Vic Viola
Diane Vogt
Ms. Shannon Voirol and Mr. Dennis Meyer
Mrs. Anthony F. Vollack and Kirk Anthony Vollack
Michael J. Von Sharpsteen
Joanna Vosburg
Jim and Terri Vratny
Kathleen Vredenburgh
Thad and Kresta Vuolo
Mrs. Dorothy Wadleigh
Janet Wagner
Joan and Ted Wagner
Patti and Charles Wagner
Therese Wahlstrom
Ann Wahr
Garry and Melissa Walker
Roberta J. Walker
Mrs. Shirley Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wallace
Jeannie Wallen
Linda Wallen
Nancy and Will Walser
Judith and Charles Walter
Sara Walter
Bonnie J. Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ware
Joy Wasendorf
Verda Watkins
Timothy P. Watson
Linda and Michael Weatherwax
Diane Weaver
Hal and Lois Weber
Lynne Wegley
Christi Weindorf
Rivka Weisberg
Peter and Darcie Weiser
Dee Welch and James Williams
Patricia Welch
Tracey Welch
Barb Wells
Mark and Nancy Werner
Brad and Kerri West
Nanette J. West
Andrea Westcott
John Westcott, in memory of Andrea Westcott
Griffin and Charleen Wetzstein
Joy Wexels
Katie Wheeler
Joanne Whipple
Bryan and Susan Whitcomb
Mr. and Mrs. Al White
Carolynne White** and Christopher Macaulay
Ms. Debra M. White
David and Jane Whitehead
Shirley Whiteside and Byron L. Plumley Jr
Lynn Whitman
Carmen Whitney
Amanda and Theodore Wiatr
Deborah Wicks
Mr. Chris Wienecke
Alexander Wilczewski
Scott Wilkonson
Kate Willers
Tawney Willett
Jean and Doug Willey
Jessie Willford
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Williams
Carol Williams
Charles and Connie Williams
Marc and Luanne Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Williamson
Craig Williamson
Brittny Wilson
Janis Wilson
Phylise Wilson
Theresa M. Wilson
Carolyn Wilson-Scott
Mr. Carl Windels and Mrs. Sue Windels
Karen Winfield
Emily and Jeff Wingert
Kathy Winograd
Frances Winston
Catherine L. Wise
Gail and Michael Wise
Tracey Wise
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Wisehart
Linda Wolfe
Natalie Wolman
Steven and Robbin Wood
Catherine Woodall
Elizabeth A. Woodard
Aurilla and Joseph Woodburn
Laura Woodworth
WPX Energy Rocky Mountain
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wright
Mary L. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Wurster
Linda L. Wyman
Xcel Energy Foundation
Rebecca Yeutter
June Yokell
Teresa* and Ben YoKell
Carolyn York
Lissa Young and Jan Graham
Janice and Mike Young
Monica Young
Nancy and James Younger
Ms. Susan Youtz
Donald Ytterberg
Ellen Yu
Chuck Zabel
Shawna Zachman
Chris Zanoni
Wendell and Catherine Zanottie
Camille Zapolsky
Jacque Zaremba
Pam Zaske
Shelley Zelin
Judith A. Zepelin
Elaine Zerger
Jaye Zessar
Betty Zhang
Renee and Dominic Ziccardi
Brian Zickel
Amy Zimbelman
Stayce Zimbleman
Ron Zimmer
Kenneth Zinn
Nancy Zoellner
Darlene Zwolinski

* indicates member of Arvada Center staff
** indicates member of Arvada Center Board of Directors
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